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A lady spectator selects a playing card from a blue backed Bicycle poker-size deck, memorizes the card, and then returns it to the deck. She is then asked to blow a kiss towards the magician who catches it on his cheek! When the magician wipes his cheek with his pocket handkerchief there is a red lipstick mark on the white cotton! Now the handkerchief is placed upon the deck and the lady spectator is asked to press down on the lips mark. When she raises her hand the lips mark is gone! The magician spreads out the deck of cards, and one card is seen in the center of the spread that is blushing, because it now has a red back! This card is turned over and proves to be the selected card which now has the lipstick mark on its face!

This is a really wonderful entertaining card mystery that you'll love performing whenever you get the chance. Easy to do! Supplied with the special white pocket handkerchief with vanishing and appearing lips imprint, one specially printed red backed card with lip prints , and the Camirand Academy of Magic instructional booklet with the routine and instructions by Gary Ouellet.