• RARE! Coke of Plenty - EARLY Abbott


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    This is a very rare and hard to find Coke of Plenty mfg by Abbott's Magic Company, ca. 1960. The magician displays an empty Coca Cola bottle and lays it on two wooden trestles on a wooden tray. A brass spigot is inserted into the neck of the bottle and when the spigot is turned, Coca Cola flows from it, filling a small glass. The magician continues pouring drinks from the empty bottle, including a glass of orange juice and for a finale, chocolate milk. Includes tray, bottle, spigot with glassware, as well as all necessary accessories. Case measures 21 x 13 x 13 ½". Good condition and doesn't appear to have been used. The stand where the bottle rests has some paint on top worn off.. The glasses were still in original newspaper when I unwrapped this.The Chrome tube is near mint condition....complete with instructions.