52 Card Monte, FAB


Magician displays three playing cards face up and asks spectator to remember the middle card. The fan is turned over and the middle card is seen to have a red back and the end cards are blue back. Spectator is asked to remove this red card and hold face down. Magician instructs spectator to now think of any one of 52 cards in the deck and magically the card he/she is holding will have that card printed on it's face! That would be great magic wouldn't it? Magician turns over his/her two cards and asks the spectator the name of the card mentally chosen. When the spectator turns card over it is seen to have 52 mini cards printed on it's face! " See, says the magician, your card IS on here!"

E-Z to do and great to carry around - Perform anytime - anywhere! Card back designs vary.