• A Word In A Million JB Magic Nicholas Einhorn

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    "I've seen a LOT of book tests and "Word in a Million" is THE best one on the market period. It's practical, the spectator can think of ANY word, there is no fishing, it's easy to do and clever, and it simply looks like real mind reading." - Tim Trono

    "...cheeky method..." - Jon Allen

    "This is a brilliant trick. It will fry your audience and leave them speechless." - Jim Crabtree

    The Any Word, Any Book BOOK TEST


    ANY book is casually flicked through by your spectator and ANY page is stopped at. ANY word is looked at and remembered, the book is snapped shut. While you turn away the thought of word is written down on any a piece of paper or a napkin etc, the paper is rolled up into a ball. WITHOUT ANY questions, guidance etc you name out loud the word they are mearly thinking of. The paper is un-rolled it says the word you NAMED.

    Can be performed with a different book each and every time if you wish and ALWAYS a different word.

    Complete with gimmick that fits any hardback book and complete handling at an unreal price! Dvd includes Mark's tapping move, this little piece of business is excellent.

    • NO Adding Numbers to Force Words, Lines or Pages!!
    • NO Memory Work, Questions or Fishing of Any Kind!
    • ANY Language Book & Prediction!

    With Instructional DVD Included!