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    Performer shows a pole with 3 silks hanging down, 2 silks are the same color. The single odd silk is the acrobat, it can jump from end to end. You offer to prove the acrobatic silk really does jump! Pass the Pole behind your back, the odd color silk jumped from one side to the other. You repeat this a 2nd time. The odd silk has jumped back to it's original position! The kids go crazy yelling, they think you're just turning the pole around! Its not magic! This time the odd color silk jumps to the center of the pole. 3 - 18 inch Silks included. Great fun! NO Threads to worry about!

    "The FAB Acrobatic Silks are great. Visually impressive. Audience can't believe their eyes. A joy to use. Plays to both large and intimate audiences. Built to last like all FAB magic." - George Janiszewski - Illinois

    "This is a great improvement ! Such a minor little change but makes all the difference. Great improvement Rick. Next will be Peanut Butter Jelly Jam!" -Ray Oulette,Canada-

    "The Acrobatic silks improved you sold me in 2009 lasted three years and about 600 shows, but the one you sold me last month to replace my old one it made much better, and may just last me 1,000 shows. Love your stuff."-Al Angelo, Pennsylvania-

    "Hi, Rick: I really like the Acrobatic Silks I received from your shop -- well made, easy to work, beautiful silks!" - Karen Ivers, California

    Several silk colors combinations to choose from. Please specify when ordering.

    This is our famous improved version and resets in seconds!

    Easy to use and more deceptive than the wooden models. Read what others are saying about Improved Acrobatic Silks

    "The Acrobatic Silks are really great! Great idea you should sell tons of them!" -Herman Carr-

    Long time kid show performer Dick Oslund raved "This is the best improvement I have ever seen. Good for you! Much easier to use!"

    Available in Red & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & Yellow, Halloween, Christmas Version - Please specify when ordering