Ambitious Card From Hell - Nalazek/FAB WATCH VIDEO! ON SALE 2 For $30.00


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"Jeff Nalazek's Ambitious Card From Hell is so EASY to do, yet extremely POWERFUL. No sleights to learn, zero unnatural movements… Jeff has worked hard to put all of the focus where it should be... ON THE ENTERTAINMENTThis effect will lead spectators down a path of laughter and enjoyment followed by a sharp left turn at the end. It is not a sucker trick per say, but a pure piece of entertainment that will easily make its way into my repertoire. I will also recommend Ambitious Card From Hell to anyone starting out in magic, and to friends who have been performing professionally for years"  

- Cameron Zvara, Comedy Magician & Entertainer

Once in awhile we find an effect that is not only a mind blower but easy to learn and perform! You will love Jeff Nalazek's Ambitious Card From Hell - actually it's heavenly :) because it IS so easy to do. You will take this with you wherever you sleight of hand - almost self working! Bicycle cards - suits and card values vary