Our FAB Applause Sign is a popular effect and we thought we would change it up a bit for the Gospel magician worker - or it's just for fun! Have someone in the audience 'sneeze' just at the right time ---- instead of THANK YOU the end sign says BLESS YOU! Thanks to John Sterner for this funny, cute enhancement!

    The Applause Card or Applause Sign is excellent for any performer, when the audience is too stunned (or bored!) to remember to applaud.

     A large sign 8 1 /2" x 11" boldly lettered, APPLAUSE PLEASE.

     Turned over it displays, THANK YOU

    Turned over once again it says, BLESS YOU!

     Bold letters in red on a white background.

    Unlike most of these signs - ours in made of plastic board so there is nothing to crease or bend - it's entirely laminated and trimmed in red prism - its a real beauty and for $20 you can't go wrong!