• Backstage Milk Vanish - FAB - Watch Video!


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    1. Just received my Backstage Milk Vanish - What a work of art! It's a real fooler!" - Roger Cornelison, Oklahoma

      "Rick, I received my FAB Backstage effect today.Very nice piece of equipment!  Over the years, I have had many different Backstage Milk Vanishes, including several from other dealers- some good, some not so good,  one was too big and  too heavy and even one from India where the "milk" was painted on.  Yours seems to beat the others and if the milk glass itself doesn't leak or evaporate, it will be a winner." - Lew Wymisner

      "The prop looks great. It is well made and every bit as much as I expected. Thanks for putting out such great products." - Charlie Fass

      The performer introduces displays a tray with drape. Sitting on the tray is a colorful tube. The tube is lifted to reveal a glass of milk. It is real liquid and not a painted insert. The glass is then covered and suspiciously moved around the tray. You lift the tube to show the glass is gone!

      While showing the tube empty, the drape accidentally(?) falls off revealing the glass hanging below. All is reversed and the effect repeated. This time with the glass is really gone!! This is one of the most effective "sucker" effects ever invented!

      Beautifully constructed and designed here in our FAB Studios. The tube is manufactured of metal and covered in colorful prism. An effect  you will be proud to own and perform!

      Comes complete with everything you need - special glass with permanently sealed milk,unbreakable tube, tray and drape.

      These are handmade - not mass produced.