• SOLD! Bakery Bear RARE


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    Effect: You show a frame made with two doors in the front and two doors in the back. On one side is a cave with a sign in front that says MY HOUSE. On the other side is a BAKERY. The bakery is full of goodies. Now, you bring out BOO-BEAR the BLUE BEAR. Old BOO-BEAR just loves goodies! The kids will love him the minute they see him.

    BOO-BEAR is placed inside his cave and the door closed. Magician explains that he’s already had enough goodies for the day, and he’s not supposed to go into the bakery to get anymore. So, if the kids see him go into the bakery, they should tell you right away. Well, guess what? Boo-Bear immediately runs from his house to the bakery and the kids scream that they saw him go! When you open the bakery door, he runs back to his house. So, you open up the door to his house, and he runs back to the bakery. Back and forth he goes. The kids always see him run, but you never catch him! He even peeks out from the back of the bakery. The kids will go wild with this! Finally, all four doors are opened and BOO-BEAR has totally vanished! Where could he be? Suddenly, he peeks up from your jacket pocket, and waves to the kids!

    Beautifully made. Silk screened in nine colors on polystyrene plastic. It’ll last a life time if properly cared for. No instructions but easy to use