• Breakaway Candy Stick - FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


    The Breakaway Wand has long been a staple in magic shows - its been used,over-used and sometimes badly abused! We set out to find a new way of presenting this time tested routine. Introducing the Breakaway Candy Stick  - It's beautifully designed and a true professional prop you will be proud to own.

    One of the pitfalls of the Breakaway wand has always been 'what to do with the extra piece?' - We think we have solved this problem. Because now as you hand the 'candy stick' to the volunteer you are left with a 'candy piece' :0) - instead of 'ditching' the gimmick you can now make it a part of your routine - tell your volunteer you are sorry that You (the magician) broke it and place the the gimmick piece in a change bag - and by waving the 'broken' candy stick over the bag - you know reach in and pull out a real piece of candy and you give to the volunteer as a gift for helping out!

    This can be used in every type situation - not just Christmas - but birthdays and other events! You will love our NEW Breakaway Candy Stick - available only from the leader in hand made magic - FAB Magic of Colon, Michigan