Celebrity Presage A Comedy Book Test

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CELEBRITY PRESAGE by Mike Maione and Brett Barry may be the most powerfull book test since the Mother of All Book Tests. This is not your granddad’s test. In fact, this paperback book utilizes an all new method, The Perfect Page Numbering System, a devilish new forcing system that has never been used before.

Our system allows book page numbers to display sequentially front to back, whilst still allowing the performer to cleanly force ANY page they wish in real–time. Invisibly & perfectly. In fact, your Celebrity Presage book offers multiple forcing methods, multiple reveals, and a killer “V” forcing gimmick we created from scratch to allow maximum flexibility. Celebrity Presage is a book test with multiple layered methods which can be used together (or individually) for predictions or mind-reading miracles.

For the first time, App creator Marc Kerstein exclusively & generously allowed the use of all the force words from his popular “WikiTest” to be used in Celebrity Presage. This exciting addition means that WikiTest users will be ready to use Celebrity Presage quickly, with no extra memorization needed.

New book test ideas are as rare as a 1950’s Ford Mystere, and Celebrity Presage’s PPNS system is an exciting new fooler – especially when layered with the other built-in methods. This book is the result of a collaboration between Magician Mike Maione and Brett Barry, with some last-minute tweaks to add even more horsepower! Have fun and go blow some minds.