Chances Are ? - FAB/Dr. Stanley Jaks


Using Jumbo Cards - Manufactured by FAB Magic - A beautiful piece ready to use!

Based on the Supersonic Cards by Dr. Stanley Jaks.

Chances are you going to want this item.Chances are you are going to LOVE this item! Chances are your audience will be stunned by the effect of this magical marvel.
Here's the effect:
The performer establishes a secret prediction for the outcome of an experiment. This can be done in various ways as determined by the performer.The performer then displays a beautifully crafted card holder with room for 5 JUMBO sized cards.Slots on the holder are numbered from 1 to 5.The performer holds 5 cards (one at a time) with backs of each toward the audience. The audience directs the performer into which slot each card should be placed. One card in each slot.The audience then selects one of the cards to be used by deciding on a number from 1 to 5.
     The performer removes the selected card from the stand and spins the stand around to reveal the cards not selected while at the same time placing the selected card back into the stand with its back still toward the audience. After pointing out the cards that were not selected and thereby establishing other possible outcomes, the performer then rotates the stand to reveal the selected card. The initial prediction is revealed. The selected card matches the initial prediction!
Only 5 cards are used. There are no stooges. There is no sleight of hand. The slots into which the cards are placed don't matter. The final number selected by the audience for the card to use doesn't matter! It works regardless. It works flawlessly.
Chances are you are going to order this one! Comes complete with handmade stand made from the finest Baltic Birch - Each card has it's own slot so there is no chance of mixing. It's mounted on an attractive swivel base. You get cards,holder and complete instructions.