Chinese Sticks,FAB - Close Up Size


This is our FABulous FAMous Chinese Sticks for Walk Around or Close up - These sticks are 9" long and beautifully made with just the right weight system to give you a smooth performance each and every time! We have fitted each stick with extra strong cord that is nearly impossible to break which assures you of a perfect performance each and ever time.

A classic of magic - only as FAB Magic can make 'em - Magic That is Simply FAB!.

The magician shows two sticks, each with a cord and tassel running through its end. The are held close together, one long string only hanging down. The magician pulls on the short string, apparently pulling the string right through the ends of the sticks, as the long string becomes shorter and the short string becomes longer. But even when the sticks are separated, either held parallel or crossed one over the other, when the short cord is pulled out the long cord shortens.

The comedy possibilites are endless. Buy a set today and use 'em tomorrow! Compete with instructions.