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    CLUB DECEPTIONS by E.G. Ervin 

    Published by Kanter's Magic Shop. Philadelphia, 1947. Softcover, 52 pages (plus a few ads) illustrated with line drawings.


    3 Introduction
    4 The Foreword
    5 Contents

    7 Cut and Restored Bill: with borrowed bill
    8 Dollar Bill Through Handkerchief: borrowed bill vanished and reappears through handkerchief
    9 Bill and Lemon: method for getting the bill into the lemon
    10 Impromptu Bill Reading Test: reading the serial number from a borrowed bill
    11 "Flash" Bill and Lemon: quick version
    13 Dollar Bill and Potato: another variation
    13 Flash Bill Production: a check is burned and turns into bills
    14 What the Hell?: hiding the TT in a bill production
    15 Wand and Bill Production (Chung Ling Soo): Bills produced through the aid of a wand
    16 Repeating Vanishing Bills: bills keep vanishing as they are counted by spectators
    17 The Impossible Coin Fold: for vanishing a coin
    18 Half Past Two: a borrowed pocket watch is vanished and found in spectator's pocket
    19 A Goldfish Production: live goldfish, suitable for parlor
    20 One Hand Cigarette Vanish: using a sheet of fish food?
    21 The Eternal Phantom Cigarette: production of the first cigarette for a routine
    21 What, No Thumb Tip? Lit cig vanish with no apparent thumb tip in use
    22 Hand to Hand Tobacco Acquitment: loose tobacco vanishes in the fist
    23 With a Lighted Match: lit match penetrates handkerchief
    25 The Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie
    26 Vanishing Glass of Water: with a nicely built feke
    26 Diminutive Wine and Water: made portable for small gatherings
    27 Silk and Handkerchief Penetration: silk penetrates handkerchief
    28 The Stretching Handkerchief: 
    39 J'ever See This One?: comedy reproduction of a string of handkerchiefs
    30 The Broken Egg in Borrowed Handkerchief: using a Foo can
    31 Quicker than the Eye: production and vanish of a silk
    31 Quick Needle Trick: many threads become threaded in needle in mouth
    32 The Threaded Needles: a safe version
    33 Old? Never: thumb apparently penetrates a hat
    34 Ball Penetration: ball removed from corked vial
    35 The Hypnotized Chair: a chair balances on one leg
    36 Miniature Rod and Rings: rings vanished and appear on a wand through a cylinder
    37 Selected Card in Roll or Bun
    38 The Knotted Circle: Tying a knot with ends tied to the wrists
    40 A Deceptive Wrist Tie: no preparation needed
    42 A Deceptive Nail Writer Routine (Nate Leipzig)
    43 Impromptu Telepathy: writing on a business card is duplicated
    44 Reading the Time on a Watch: borrowed watch
    45 Removing a Shirt: dependable and modest
    46 Torn and Restored Tissue (Ching Ling Foo)
    48 A Rabbit "Color Change" and Suggested Production: using a specially crafted handkerchief
    50 A Flashy Encore: torn and restored card

    51 MERELY REMINDERS: hints and tips for common effects
    51 Here's How—Again: adding the appearance of a 2nd glass in a wine glass production
    52 Pintrix: tips
    52 With a Rolled Silk (C.T. Jordan): using lead
    52 What, No Pipes?: chemical trick with silks
    52 Flighty Silk: shooting silk

    53 Ads: John Booth's Marvels of Mystery and Forging Ahead in Magic books
    54 Ads: Chapman's 20 Tricks With a Nail Writer; Loyd's MAster Manipulation of Thimbles books
    55 Ads: Lu Brent's Novel Magic; Milbourne Christopher's For Stretching a Rope books
    56 Ads: Lloyd's Producing Lighted Cigarettes; Osborne Cups and Balls Magic books
    57 Ads: W.F Steele's Card Tricks That are Easy to Learn Easy to Do