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"Just wanted to say that I got the book ," COLON, MICHIGAN A MAGICAL VILLAGE."  It is well written and very nicely illustrated.  To me it means a lot because of the many years that I attended the get togethers there.  I rented the old stone cabins from Danny's landing. Spent many afternoons chatting with Pete and Millie Bouton in their front yard. Chatted with Wilma when she was not playing the organ at the shows. I enjoyed listening to the stories about life on the road told to me by Anne Gwynne, she was such an elegant lady. Watched Lance Burton when he was just getting started. Many other pleasant memories came back to me while I was reading the book and it gave me a warm feeling, to know that I participated in a part of history that is Colon , Michigan."

Sincerely, Tom Schubert -  Phitsanulok, Thailand

"Received my Magical Village book yesterday and I could not put it down, thanks, Rick, job well down! it is a true treasure!!!!" - Linda Andrews-

"Jay and I got our Magical Village books yesterday. Love it. Thanks for putting it together and doing such a great job on it." - Connie Phelps -

For the past five years I have painstakingly assembled some of the most fascinating stories and events that helped shape the Magic Capital Of The World - Colon, Michigan. I fell in love with Colon nearly 50 years ago and now I want to share it with YOU!

In this new 150 page book I'll take you on a magical journey from Colon's early beginnings and share with you the fascinating people and of course - magicians - who helped create this village 'Brigadoon' -

Chocked full of never before seen photographs - black & white plus several color plates - it's a BIG 8.5 x ll inch perfect soft bound book.