Color Mental Choice, FAB


Performer explains to the audience that he/she was getting ready to hang up the Christmas stocking for Santa Claus, however,the stocking was a bit 'dirty' so in the washing machine it went but too much bleach was added and this is what happened - a solid white stocking. Well this isn't going to do! Luckily I am a magician and Santa gave me a magical Candy cane last year and the note attached said to use ONLY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY because it had certain magic powers. Well, this IS an emergency!

The simplest yet most startling mindreading effect ever!

Place three cards (one with red metallic star one with blue metallic star and one with green metallic star) face up on a table. Let your spectator FREELY CHOOSE any color, and he can even change his mind. No matter which color is selected, you reveal that you knew which color would be chosen, and in fact made a prediction. In fact, the prediction has been untouched and in full view the entire time! When you reveal the prediction, the spectator will be totally shocked that you did indeed know which color would be chosen!

Best of all- no skill, no sleights necessary! If you can place cards down on a table, you can do this trick!

You'll get everything you need:

one Mind Control trick (cards, envelope, pencil) printed instructions

Manufactured here in the USA by the magic leader, FAB Magic!