DeKolta Card Fountain, Collector's Worksop

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This is brand new and never been used. 

This is a Collectors Workshop Vintage item. It is not available anyw and It has not been manufactured since. 

Effect: magician has a card selected.Pointing to his breast pocket,he suggests that the card has travelled to the pocket. Immediatley a fountain of cards springs from the pocket into the air.The Chosen card,however remains peeking above the pocket.

There is no battery enclosed . The battery used is the kind that is inside the case of a 600 polaroid film. you can remove it from any film cartridge or buy the battery at a camera shop for about $6.00 The instructions claim you can also buy then and addtional belt drives from collectors workshop.Included in this is a Addtional Drive belt fot this rffect.

Complete with instructions and in original box