FAB is proud to announce our NEW Elite Die Box!
    It's a beauty - constructed from Baltic Birch and dressed with the finest brass hardware

    Manufactured by hand here in our FAB Studios - The gimmick is indestructible ! Made from the heaviest cold roll steel. Unlike our competitors who use thin 'tin' - You can drop our 'shell' gimmick and you won't damage it! The box is fitted with high density felt as well as the inside of the box making it the most deceptive die box on the market! You won't be disappointed!
    Box measures approx. 6 3/4" x 3 5/8" - Die is approx  2 1/2" square. Complete with instructions.
    Available in Woodgrain or Black Gloss Enamel
    Please Specify When Ordering

    Effect: The magician shows a solid wooden die and a wooden box with two compartments and four doors the die is placed into one of the compartments and the doors are closed. The box is tilted to one side, and the audience can hear the die sliding into the other compartment. The magician claims that the die has "disappeared"! the audience does not believe this so he opens the other door to prove it. door to prove it. The audience is fully aware that the die simply slid into the other side of the wooden box. this is repeated a few more times and the audience is under the impression that the die keeps sliding back and forth from the left to the right when the doors are closed. Finally the magician open ALL the doors proving that the Die has VANISHED!!!

    *******Please specify color of box when ordering - Special paint job available upon request