• Dominique Duvivier Frappe Encore DVD Set

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    You will recive four DVDs, one for the show and three for the explanations. In all, more than 7 hours of magic! Cards, coins, drinks, chop-cup, etc. 

    Act 1: 
    Cheers!, premonition, telepathy, the magician's pocket

    Act 2: 
    The wooden cup, chop cup

    Act 3: 
    52 Wild, Goshman

    Goshman Detailed: 
    The salt shakers, Chinese silk, the salt shakers again, Chinese Mystery, how many left?, zigzag, the string, hieroglyph, snack, the glass, the tureen, final

    You already know the magician. Now discover the Artist: the one who has made thousands of spectators dream in his live shows at the 'Double Fond'.David Stone
    One of the most creative and excellent close-up magicians, you will ever see. This is a very rare opportunity to see a true artist that I know you will remember for a long timePaul Gertner

    Total Running Time: Approximately 7h 30min