Egg Bag, FAB,Malini Style


"Hello Rick, the FAB egg bag is fantastic. I've rarely used a bag - this is really fun to work!" - Robin Gaube, Germany-

The FAB Egg Bag arrived today  in perfect condition...delighted with it.  Thank you for forwarding the item. " - Hunter Gaul

An egg is placed inside a bag which vanishes! Just as suddenly, the egg reappears again inside the bag! The performer removes the egg from the bag and places it into his pocket, but again the egg jumps inside the bag! These bags are expertly sewn by us – DON’T BE MISLED BY CHEAP IMITATIONS! This is positively the finest Egg Bag on the market today at a bargain price! We use only the finest materials - each bag is topped with pure satin ribbon. Complete with egg and routine.