• Chinese Stick Package, FAB !!WATCH VIDEO!!


    "These are the finest and smoothest working Chinese Sticks I have ever owned!" Ron Conley

    "These Elite Chines Sticks are smooth working and the adjustable gimmick is a great idea!"

    -Leo Reynolds, New York-

    Introducing 'another' set of Chinese Sticks isn't what we were looking for - we wanted perfection. We believe we have found it - after months of researching for that perfect set that will do exactly what the performer wants in this classic effect we offer our elite package. Available in Yellow or Red trimmed in silver - Please Specify color when ordering.

    These sticks are 12" long and 3/4" in diameter so they can be seen in the largest auditoriums - they are solid color thru and thru capped off with removable ends. The string we use is a heavy duty type that won't break. The knots on both the top ball and the tassels are reinforced. The best part of this set of sticks? Not only have we perfected the weight system but now we give you the option - your option - to change up the speed of these sticks. We give you an easily interchangeable weight system where you can add or remove weights so they can operate fast or slow depending on your style of performing. We also give you the option of adding an extra tassel - Available HERE -  that is attached to a separate weight to use as a 'third' invisible stick to place in your breast pocket for the kicker routine we provide. You also get a nice carrying bag, complete instructions and routine. A set you will be proud to own and perform!

    Only as FAB Magic can provide!