• Elmer Woodpecker, FAB Latex Ventriloquist Puppet - WATCH VIDEO!

    $249.95 $189.95

    Introducing our latest FAB Latex Puppets - Each puppet is handcrafted and hand painted - molded to exact specifications. These puppets are made from soft latex so both the upper jaw and bottom jaw is moveable. Easy to use and easily maintained. Feathered body with extra long neck.Easy to use and the movements of the mouth are easily characterized unlike some latex puppets where just the top portion of mouth will open. The feet are also soft latex and very realistic looking! Comes with certificate of authenticity and performance agreement which allows you to perform them anywhere without a 'permission' clause!The possibilities with these vent puppets are endless! Proudly made in Michigan USA!

    This puppet also comes with a holder to keep your character upright when not in use.


    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.