Charlie Myrick's Escape Bar,FAB Mfg.


Expertly manufactured here at FAB Magic from Charlie's original one and with his permission 

From "the land down under" comes Charlie Myrick's Australian Bar. This is a new and different ... and very versatile escape device. It may be performed as a feature effect or, it may be incorporated with other escapes: Underwater Escapes, Substitution Trunk routines, Spirit Sack escapes, Mail Bag escapes or in conjunction with other chain or rope releases. 

The Australian Bar is a twelve inch length of heavy steel tubing (1 1/8" in diameter). Attached at each open end are two short lengths of chain. These lengths of chain are fastened inside the tubing by a pair of steel bolts which penetrate the tubing at its center. The performers right wrist is shackled by one pair of chains; his left wrist is fastened within the other pair of chains. His hands are now separated by twelve inches of solid steel! And yet, he makes his escape in split-seconds! Comes complete with detailed instructions and locks