• FAB UltraTable - Large


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    Presenting ..............our FAB brand of tables - meet our Ultra Table - This is not only a beauty of a table but it's functional. We looked at all of the tables on the market and then looked at ways it could be improved - looking at it from the performer's perspective. 99% of all suitcase tables have latches on the back side. Unfortunately after several shows they begin to work loose and don't always hold. You have to be careful lifting and putting the table in and out of your car/stage. The latches can 'catch' on your clothing as well. So, our R & D dept went to work and we think we have the finest suitcase table available on the market today.

    The large table when opened measures 27 1/2" wide x 37 1/2" tall and is 14.5" deep. Closed it measures 27 1/2" wide x 23 1/2" tall - It's covered in black neoprene fabric that will allow you to place a velcro backed sign on the front or you use the 'plug' we give you that fits into the front hiding the hole facing the audience. The edges of the table are fitted with brass hardware to protect the table from being dinged up on those vulnerable corners.

    We don't use an extra shelf - why? Because every performer's show is different it is difficult at best to build a shelf with the right spacing in between them for the different heights of props,etc.  Plus it adds extra weight to the table which is already constructed from 1/2" birch plywood for durability.

    We use 2" rubber (not plastic) casters for durability - we also provide you with a light for the inside so it is easier to see your props. The underside of the top is also fitted with elastic that is installed such so you can place wands,scissors,etc under the top which keeps them off of a shelf and prevents them from falling off onto the floor.

    We also provide you with a protective cover so that your table won't be prone to damage and outdoor conditions while transporting. We also use a spring handle that folds flat against the top of the table not a cheap strap handle. The finest brass piano hinges are also used in it's construction.

    So you can see this is an ultimate table - One you will use for a lifetime..built by the FAB Magic Mfg. Company in the U.S.A.