Find The Lady Cards, FAB - Watch Video


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We've seen all of the plastic versions of this effect. The gimmick slides slowly or not at all. We have taken care in producing our latest version of this wonderful routine made with quality materials. The card frames (11" x 17") are made of wood and the faces and backs of the cards are completely laminated that will last for many years to come. They slide - perfectly every time - Available in cards only or as a complete kit with the easel as seen in the inset photo and in Percy Abbott's demonstration. Quality through and through - Cards come with protective plastic case. The backs of the cards are laminated over heavy 1/8" duraplatic - they will never warp like other versions -- built to last!

The effect: Three big cards are shown- two Kings and a Queen. When the cards are turned over and mixed, it is impossible for the spectator to ever choose the queen. The location of the Queen is always under your control! No skill needed! No sleight of hand! It's built into the cards. If you can hold a card in your hand, you can do the trick!

The instructions teach you the Three Card Monte routine, but you can certainly develop your own version easily. You are welcome to use the routine in Percy's video, too.

And these are big cards. Big enough to be seen from stage! These are heavy laminated gimmicked cards. Size 11" x 17".