Flippity Flop Rabbits, FAB/Fisher WATCH VIDEO!


Effect: Performer displays a colorful bag and reaches inside to find two cute 6* rabbits *er * hares. One is white * that is Flippity * the other black * that is Floppity. Both rabbits are placed into the bag and performer explains this is a special *transition* bag.  Pulling out each of the rabbits -the white hare has changed to black and the black hare has changed to white * hmmmmm * the audience isn*t too impressed. So performer reverses process * again, the audience isn*t impressed. Just when the audience thinks they have the magician figured out the two hares are placed into the bag marked with a yellow and red handkerchief by placing them both in  the bag * performer reaches into bag and pulls out a yellow and red hare! They have changed color and the handkerchiefs are now both white! Hmmmmm * well the audience still isn*t impressed thinking the black and white hares are still in the bag. Magician then shows bag empty!

Comes complete with 4 mini hand painted felt rabbits, 4 silks and Switcheroo Bag and routine.