• Flippity Floppity Rabbits aka Poor Man's Hippity Hop Rabbits WATCH VIDEO!


    Performer displays a colorful bag and reaches inside to find two cute 6* rabbits *er * hares. One is white * that is Flippity * the other black * that is Floppity. Both rabbits are placed into the bag and performer explains this is a special *transition* bag.  Pulling out each of the rabbits -the white hare has changed to black and the black hare has changed to white * hmmmmm * the audience isn*t too impressed. So performer reverses process * again, the audience isn't impressed. Just when the audience thinks they have the magician figured out the two hares are placed into the bag marked with a yellow and red handkerchief by placing them both in  the bag * performer reaches into bag and pulls out a yellow and red hare! They have changed color and the handkerchiefs are now both white! Hmmmmm * well the audience still isn't impressed thinking the black and white hares are still in the bag. Magician then shows bag empty! 

    Beautifully hand painted and cut out from the finest felt available - approx 7" tall

    Comes complete with 4 mini hand painted felt rabbits and complete routine- Use your own change bag and silks -