• Floating Match - FAB Pro Style - USA


    A playing card is introduced to the spectator(s) along with what the magician calls a 'hypnotic card' - Asking the spectator(s) to concentrate on the 'hypno' card it will create an act of hypnosis - a  match or toothpick is placed on a playing card and it seems to visibly levitate off the card - is it hypnosis? The performer then takes the 'hypno' card and runs it completely under the playing card - no visible means of support -suddenly the match floats back down to the card and can be passed out for examination  ! EZ to do- These are made here in our studios - they are designed so that the match/toothpick seems to float up almost an entire inch! Other versions are challenged to levitate 1/2" ! Comes complete with gimmick cards, match stick and instructions.