• Florabella, Abbott's Vintage(WA)

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    Brand new if you can get one are $5000 - this is in good condition with a very small dent but not even notieceable - Comes with 6 dart bouquets - no instructions.

    A chromed metal tube is shown empty. The performer reaches into it and a Giant Flower Dart is produced. This bouquet is tossed into the air and impales itself on the stage or on your target board. The tube is shown empty at any time during this routine, yet another bouquet is produced, then another and another until six gorgeous bouquets have made their appearance. By this time your stage is a veritable garden of bouquets. Every audience is sure to applaud the sheer beauty of this production while, at the same time, being mystified as to how it is accomplished.

    Florabella is a flashy effect - a beautiful trick. The tube is made of chromed steel and is a beautiful and durable piece of equipment. The accompanying illustration really does not do justice to the beauty of the outfit nor to the grandeur of the tremendous production made possible by its use.