• Flying Carpet Illusion Featuring NEW FAB 'Titan' Gimmick


    FAB Magic is proud to present a newly improved version of this Jack Gwynne classic illusion. Our version is 'smart and classy'

    Our Flying Carpet Gimmick has been used by magicians worldwide - in the past it has been constructed from heavy duty aluminum
    ---unfortunately it had the same load capacity as the steel ones - until NOW - introducing our NEW TITAN Gimmick - this is made of reinforced steel and will hold a person up to 200 lb !!!!!!!

    A small platform on casters is rolled to any spot on the floor desired. Resting on the platform is a beautifully decorated two-fold screen.It supports a platform with a drape edged in gold fringe representing a carpet.

    A person weighing up to 200 pounds sits cross-legged on the 'carpet'.

    Then two chrome-like swords are placed on the bottom platform and secured to the underside of the carpet to further support it. You move the Screen off the Platform onto the floor away from the floor!


    Now the 2 Swords are removed & waved under the carpet! The Spectator is on a 'Flying Carpet' !

    A hoop may be passed around the spectator proving no wires are used. This is a self contained effect. Our gimmicks is the strong and lightweight. It's easy to use and FAB Magic makes the entire unit guaranteeing it's quality.

    Our unit has several features other models don't offer. We don't use ridiculous long fringe - it looks like a real flying carpet! We don't use ANY composite wood - only the strongest 3/4" plywood available. Our screen is especially redesigned to make this illusion deceptive to the nth degree. It is not painted rather covered in fabric - no worries about scratching the surface. Two inch heavy duty RUBBER casters (2 of which are locking) make this easy to roll on and roll off. Our competitors use cheap plastic casters.

    Comes complete with swords,gimmick,base,top,drape and complete instructions. You supply the assistant and hoop.

    We can supply you with two swords or two screens . The gimmick is offset so that the audience can see completely under the illusion. It's very deceptive as you can see by the photographs. PLEASE NOTE: EXTRA SHIPPING APPLIES TO THIS ITEM AND DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING.