• Fraidy Cat Rabbit JUMBO, FAB


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    We've taken the Fraidy Cat Rabbit to the next level! Looking for a JUMBO version? This is it!  This version utilizes our new and improved gimmick so that you can interchange with Christmas and/or Gospel Theme!

    Fraidy Cat Rabbit - Jumbo A Kid-Show Classic! Display a jumbo wood frame 18" x 12" x 2", and open the front & back swinging doors. Now show a jumbo wood slide that fits inside the frame of a black rabbit's Face. This rabbit slide is put into the frame, now for the magic! The kids yell 'Scary Rabbit' The BLACK rabbit changes WHITE! The kids are screaming! After several color changes they realize you are turning the frame around. Take the slide out and turn it around. The TAIL of the rabbit is on it, NO Face at all! The rabbit's face has vanished! You are left clean! The gimmick magnetic door does all the magic!

    Wonderful FAB Quality! Comes Complete with instructions/routine and protective cloth cover bag

    Also available in Fraidy Cat Santa - please specify when ordering