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    (Please Note: We now use the traditional Rabbit face/back as seen in photo NOT the one in video)


    "I received the "FRAIDY CAT/RABBIT" today - and /very Happy with it - all went over well in my Shows! I get as always - Great Service & will recommend FAB MAGIC - it really is "Fabulous" in all words!" Kind Regards - James CONOMY AUSTRALIA

    "Hey Rick! I got it! works great! Used it in two shows already" - Trent James Ketchmark, Illinois-

    Fraidy Cat Rabbit arrived yesterday and it was definitely worth the wait! Thanks for this Rick, it is going straight into the act replacing my hippity hop rabbits. Really nice!" - Ray Oulette - Canada

    For decades Billy Paul's Fraidy Cat Rabbit has been a Kid Show Classic. These are not mass produced but handcrafted with the utmost care and detail by expert craftsmen. The effect is constructed of the finest materials and designed to last a lifetime. This is the kind of quality you expect and deserve!!

    The Effect: Performer displays wooden holder that measures approximately 6” x 9”. The stand has both a front and back door, two swivel support feet and a slotted opening in the top. A red plaque is displayed in the frame by the magician – on one side is the head of the Fraidy Cat Rabbit done mostly in black with white highlights. The magician quite obviously does not display the opposite side of the red plaque which is then placed back into the holder. The magician, after quite obviously turning the holder and it’s plaque completely around asks the audience to yell ‘boo’! After the thunderous response, the door of the holder is opened and the Fraidy-Cat Rabbit has turned white with fright! The door is closed and the holder again turned half way around and the audience is asked to yell “boo!” – backwards ! After a very confused audience yells “oob!” the door is opned revealing the Fraidy Cat Rabbit back with it’s original color. This is repeated several times.

    As the audience demands that you have “turned it around” and “let us see the other side” the magician removes Fraidy Cat Rabbit from holder. After the usual comedy bits of turning it sideways and upside down, the performer shows the opposite side to reveal ..not the white rabbit face but the black rabbit back of the Fraidy Cat Rabbit! The white rabbit has vanished! The holder is now opened to show that nothing is concealed!

    NOW you can receive  the different versions : FRAIDY CAT STANDARD, FRAIDY CAT CHRISTMAS & GOSPEL THEME

    Comes complete with everything you need.

    This is an outfit you will be proud to own!