Garden of Flowers, FAB - 6 Bloom


6 Blooms per bouquet! Beautiful!

You display a beautiful cloth stretched flat between your hands on both sides. The cloth is held at the center, allowing the corners to fall. You reach into the center of the cloth formed by the empty foulard & produce a large multi-colored bouquet of feather flowers. You let the cloth drop open & it's shown flat on both sides again.

Just when your audience thinks the trick is over, you produce a second, then third, then fourth bouquet ending with until four gorgeous Feather Flower Bouquets!

We use only the finest fabric in the construction of our foulards are deceptive to the nth degree! A production that is beautiful to watch and awe inspiring.

The FAB Stage version uses four 6 bloom Bouquets (five blooms) with foulard and complete instructions.