GONE Vanisher


Based on Stewart James' idea this cloth is a pure joy to use! Unlike the traditional Devil's Hank, the GONE Vanisher allows you to vanish small objects from a tabletop, your own hand, or even a spectator's hand! It can also be used to vanish several items in rapid succession without resetting. This is, without a doubt, the finest vanisher you'll ever use. Colors of bandana vary.

This utility device is a must for anyone interested in magic, be they a beginner or seasoned professional. The elegant silk hank seen above does nearly all the work for you. Simply whisking the hank over an object causes it to instantly vanish. And the Go Go works with just about any small, unbreakable object you can imagine: Balls, eggs, coins, keys, tumblers, decks of cards, etc. Perfect for use in conjunction with an Egg Bag routine.

And best of all, the GONE VANISHER is easy to use. A few minutes of study will reveal the diabolically simple secret to anyone. The outfit is supplied complete with instructions.Expertly sewn here in our FAB studios.