• Growing & Shrinking Head Illusion, Walk Around WATCH VIDEO!


    If your audience enjoys watching the Growing & Shrinking Head Illusion - then wait til they see this one! We have redesigned this effect so that you can now use it in a smaller venue! Perfect for walk around or table to table - this 6" disc (WE GIVE YOU 2 DISCS! )is printed on high density foam making it very lightweight and easy to carry. It also comes with a 3 Volt electric screwdriver with all the attachments so you can use it for other projects or if you need a screwdriver for last minute repairs in your show it comes complete with bits and batteries.  Forward and Reverse speeds allow you to use the growing and shrinking head illusion. Comes complete! A bargain at this price and you will use right away! You get two discs - one for a back up! A bargain