• Hillariously Trumped Junior/Close-Up Size,FAB WATCH VIDEO!


    Okay we don't know who will win the nomination for President of The United States But we can still have some fun with potential candidates, Right ;) Perfect for close up and cocktail shows!

    This is our popular Hippity Hop Routine with uh - you know those two candidates?? Well - heck we are sure you can find some fun with this set - these are limited and numbered. Made in usual FAB quality!

    At Last! A set of the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits that you can take anywhere - NO more clunky wooden covers! Yep, the whole set is magnetic! Laminated characters made to last a lifetime! Each character stands 5" tall x 2" wide -  Comes complete with Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton - the two gimmicks, covers and complete routine and YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE! MADE IN THE USA BY THE FAB MAGIC COMPANY!

    Effect: Magician covers a  character who looks like Mr. Trump and one that looks like Ms. Clinton, with cloth covers. Both of them go back and forth at each other - different views, one seems to be in front and then the other 'claims victory' all the time these characters changes place. But, the audience is quick to point out that Mr. Trump must have Ms. Clinton on one side and Mr. Trump on the other.

    Magician finally turns both around to reveal a full color picture of the Elephant & Donkey on the backside - You see - regardless of who you want to win it is important to get out there and VOTE!!!!!
    Comes with routine and ideas. Beautifully made equipment for those performances in close quarters. Everything you need included. .

    We give you a suggested routine but we are sure you will come up with your own ideas as well. Be the first to put this in your show!