• Hippity Hop Rabbits, FAB - Wood Covers


    We have  been asked on more than one occasion to provide wooden covers with our famous Hippity Hop Rabbits - so here it is! Each box is trimmed in prism and inside is fitted with a magnet which holds the gimmick in place so you do not have to worry about it slipping out of the box prematurely - Beautifully constructed -


    Great Service!
    "I am both satisfied with the product and the quick service getting it to me. This will go right into my show!" - Justin P.

    "I have a set of your Hippity Hop Rabbits with the cloth covers.  In my opinion, the rabbits are the cutest on the market today.  Kids love them and the magnets are genius!You folks understand quality!" - Alan Burdick

    "They were just perfect. I really love the artwork. It is so much nicer than most of props on the market. Most excellent, Thank you." - Elwood Brim

    "Hey Rick,Rec'd the FAB Hippity Hop Rabbits...YAY! -craftsmanship is superb. I'm going to use your presentation script from the video posted. I like your style... " - Marty Culpepper, California

    At Last! A set of the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits that you can take anywhere -  Yep, the whole set is magnetic! Laminated characters made to last a lifetime! This set stands 12" tall - specially weighted to prevent tip over! Comes complete with rabbits,gimmicks, covers and complete routine and YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE! MADE IN THE USA BY THE FAB MAGIC COMPANY!

    Effect: Magician covers a white rabbit and black rabbit with wooden covers. They now "change places" several times. But, the audience is quick to point out that the rabbits must be black on one side and white on the other.

    Magician finally turns the rabbits around to reveal one is FLORESCENT GREEN and the other FLORESCENT PINK! Beautifully made equipment for those performances in close quarters. Everything you need included.