• Hippity Hop Cat & Mouse w/BIG Dog Finale


    At Last! A set of the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits that you can take anywhere - NO more clunky wooden covers! Yep, the whole set is magnetic! Laminated characters made to last a lifetime! Each character stands 11" x 4" - specially weighted to prevent tip over! Comes complete with MOUSE, CAT - ,gimmicks, covers and complete routine and YOU CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE! MADE IN THE USA BY THE FAB MAGIC COMPANY!

    Effect: Magician covers a CAT & MOUSE with cloth covers. The story goes about the Cat always chasing the Mouse around the house causing havoc - First the CAT goes this way and the MOUSE goes that away -  So did the CAT ever catch the MOUSE ? They now "change places" several times. But, the audience is quick to point out that the CAT & MOUSE must have the CAT on one side and MOUSE on the other.

    Magician finally turns the CAT & MOUSE uprights around to reveal a PICTURE OF THE FAMILY DOG on the backside  - THE FAMILY DOG HAS CHASED BOTH THE CAT & MOUSE AWAY FOR THE DAY - with both halves making up the BIG DOG! !

    Comes with routine and ideas. Beautifully made equipment for those performances in close quarters. Everything you need included. .

    We give you a suggested routine but we are sure you will come up with your own ideas as well. Be the first to put this in your KIDS SHOW! MEASURES A BIG 11 1/2" TALL X 8" WIDE WHEN THE TWO HALVES ARE PLACED TOGETHER!

    ** Please note we have now changed the picture of the cat to the black one show in the pictures NOT the video....