HOUDINI Escape Block, FAB, 2 Sizes


"Hi Rick,thanks for the Houdini Block Off Rope. What a great idea! The Houdini Link allows for a story line that interest people about the world's greatest magician. The prop is built perfect for smooth performance the choice of Houdini image paint job is full of mystery and class.Perfect for strolling and Stand up.Thanks!" -Baffling Bill, Michigan-

Harry Houdini was THE master of escape! Now nearly 100 years after his death let's see if we can call on his spirit to perform one last escape!

This is our best selling Block Off Rope with a Houdini Routine. The block is emblazoned with portrait of Harry Houdini on two sides. Lots of great commercial possibilities with this great FAB prop. Block is made from solid oak and painted in deep mysterious black speckled with silver flakes. A real beauty of a prop!

Here is the original routine. Magician displays a solid block with hole running through it's middle. A length of rope is shown and inserted through block and tied. No way that block can come off?? Nope..but with a magical pass the block magically melts through the rope!

The block is made from selected hard woods and will withstand rugged use. Beautifully painted in red enamel and highlighted with gold sparkle. Comes complete with rope, block and photo illustrated instructions.Block measures 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" - Large block is 3.5" x 3.5"

The entire outfit is a beauty and both block and rope can be passed out for examination.