• Houdini's Paper Magic Harry Houdini 5th Printing

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    Part One Paper Tricks
    3 The Travelling Paper Balls: two in the hand, one in the pocket effect with pea-sized paper pellets
    8 Ring and Program: borrowed finger ring destroyed and restored
    13 The Cigarette-Paper Tear: torn and restored cigarette paper
    20 The Torn Paper Ribbon: uses TT
    24 The Restored Calendar: torn and restored with matching corner
    29 The Selective Touch: performer pulls out handful of papers of selected color
    33 The Dancing Sailor: an animated cardboard puppet
    37 The Spirit Communication: question and answer papers transpose
    40 The Knife and Paper Sleight: an effect for the paddle move
    43 The Chameleon Confetti - First Method: colors produced from papers mixed in a box upon command
    45 The Chameleon Confetti - Second Method: another way
    46 The Chameleon Confetti - Third Method: yet another approach
    49 Production of Confetti: wet tissue is fanned and produces a cloud of confetti
    51 Another Confetti Change: glasses of different colored confetti change places
    54 Watered Confetti: dry confetti produced from a bowl of wet confetti
    57 The Floating Ball: animated floating paper ball
    61 The Japanese Butterflies: animated paper butterflies
    65 The Shaving Stick: a shaving stick and confetti transpose with this clever gimmick
    69 The Paper Flags: papers to flags
    71 The Pig and the Ring: paper and glass tumbler transpose, with a surprise finish
    79 Coffee, Milk and Sugar: brown paper to coffee, white paper to milk, and bran to sugar!
    83 The Ballot or Pellet Test: magician answers questions without seeing them (various approaches described)
    93 Paper Clippings and Water: papers return to their box, and water turns the remains to a ribbon
    99 Werner's Bill Tearing Trick: a torn and restored bill effect
    110 An Effective Finish: a thirty foot flag pole from a cylinder of confetti

    115 Part Two Paper Folding
    117 The Japanese Bird: with flapping wings
    122 The Bullfrog: with inflatable body
    127 Puzzle Box for Sweets
    130 Trouble Wit: details on construction are NOT provided, only references to where they can be found
    133 The Chapeau: a soldier's hat
    136 Japanese Paper Purse
    139 Japanese Hexagon Puzzle Box

    143 Part Three Paper Tearing
    143 Trewey's Paper Rings: What we call Mobius rings
    147 Jacob's Ladder: paper tear ladder
    159 The Trellis: another ladder
    152 The Fir Tree: a tall tree
    154 The Dancing Skeletons: a string of skeleton "dolls"
    159 Grandma's String of Dolls: similar, but girls in dresses
    161 The Dancing Girls: another version
    163 Paper Pictures: quick pictures from torn paper
    167 Circular Designs: artistry with circular designs - requires much practice
    176 The Five Pointed Star: with one cut
    178 Tearing the Pack: of cards

    181 Part Four Paper Puzzles
    183 Paper Puzzles: Tanagrams
    188 The Symmetrical Square Puzzle: form a square from the pieces
    189 The Stairs: puzzle
    190 Hexagon Puzzle: form a hexagon
    191 The Octagon Puzzle: form an octagon
    192 The House and Ell Puzzle: make a square and an "el" from pieces
    193 The Cross and Crescent: 
    194 The Latin Cross
    196 The Short Dozen
    197 The Right Angle Triangle
    198 The Greek Cross Puzzle
    199 The Square Deal Puzzle
    200 To Pass through a Card: How to cut it
    202 The Liberty Bell: clever puzzle to remove a cardboard bell without bending it
    204 The Cross Cut Puzzle: cut a shape to form a square
    205 The Three Crosses: form three cross styles with a single cut