Hypno Block


When we demonstrated this new effect in the shop there were several magicians in the store. Dave Schwaninger immediately called it "hypnotic" in appearance so we named it . . Hypno Block!

Effect: Magician displays a solid 3" blue wooden block (maple) with a hole running thru it's center. Next a solid 12" magic wand decorated in beautiful prism colors is shown and it is placed thru the hole of the block and ran back and forth.

What happens next is impossible! The magician spins the block on the wand and the jewels on the block create a hypnotic appearance. Now magician begins to insert the wand into the block but the wands' end never comes out the other side! Only 3 - 4" of the wand is now visible! Block is shown on front as well. The wand is now removed and shown to be solid and can be passed out for examination.

A quality outfit - designed and constructed here in the FAB Workshops. Comes complete with special block, wand and detailed instructions. Buy it today and put in your show tomorrow! Color of block varies.