Impossible Coins Through Glass - FAB, Hughes - Watch Video!


Based on Jack Hughes Coins In Glass, FAB Magic is proud to present IMPOSSIBLE! We have been working on this one for quite some time - getting the bugs out and improving this wonderful idea - now it can be yours to own and perform!

Effect: Magician vanishes four half dollars by his/her favorite method. The audience sees a small tray resting on the table along with a shot glass and a regular drinking glass - both of which are picked up and shown completely empty. Next, the larger drinking glass is inverted over the top of the shot glass and tray is covered with cloth. Magician picks up the tray and one a time you hear four distinct sounds of half dollars falling into the glass. The cloth is pulled off and inverted glass is removed and placed face up on tray.

The shot glass is picked up and audience can see there are four half dollars within! All four coins are then poured into the glass to prove they are real half dollars!

This is one heck of a trick. Points to remember: The tray is held at each end and your hands never come close to glasses as the audience can see your hands in full view.

There are no 'springs' to worry about breaking as in previous Copentro effects. It is almost self working. It's easy to do and you will fool 'em for sure!

Comes complete with:

Special tray, shot glass, drinking glass, foulard and complete photo instructions. You supply the half dollars.

The tray is black and felt covered trimmed in silver. A quality effect - manufactured with loving care here in our FAB factory.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.