Invisible Bottle,Alfredson/FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


In the late 1970's Ken Alfredson & Krag Ryal introduced several new effects through their company, "MagiFects" - Those products were some of the most popular of the day. And now with special permission from originator, Ken Alfredson, FAB Magic is pleased to announce the first of many items to be introduced.

The performer shows the audience a bottle - or does he? It is called "The Invisible Bottle" and he picks up a mug and proceeds to pour from the 'bottle'. . . and to everyone's amazement the mug is seen to VISIBLY FILL WITH LIQUID! If working behind a fold-up or night club style table you 'empty' the mug and then fill it again from "The Invisible Bottle". You could pretend to empty it each time in a pail or you may pretend to drink the contents each time. This may be repeated! The empty mug may be covered with and handkerchief and when it is removed the mug is full of liquid. Mug is made of plastic and measures 5" tall x 3 1/2" in diamater - Expertly built here in our studio. American MADE! Made of best quality plastics.

No sealed in liquid is used. Any liquid may be used. Can be performed two feet from the audience.


Comes complete with special mug, instructions and suggested ideas. Self working! Easy to do!

Sid Lorraine "Ken has a real winner here!" Duke Stern "It's lovely!" Bruce Posgate "Great for kids shows!" John Braun "It's wonderful!"