• Johnny Magic Mobile Magic Show WATCH VIDEO!

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    Move over 'magic sets' Welcome to the next great idea to inspire young magicians - 

    Introducing Johnny Magic's Mobile Magic Show

    Beautifully packaged in what appears to be a 'book' all of your props are here neatly placed ready for you to perform. Constructed of heavy fiber board this 'book' of magic is quality made along with well designed magic effects.The backside of each prop location is identified with an image of each effect so you have no doubt where to put them. It teaches organization. Each effect is designed to inspire. The phone 'app' is where it's at. Unlike any other 'magic set' on the market today the free download to your Android or I-Phone gives you step by step performance videos of each of the magic effects. PLUS there are other apps that allow you to create your show individually with music, introductions, Thank You's, Laughter, Applause and even an app that you can print out tickets for your show! Each ticket can then be scanned by the audience member and it welcomes them to the show! The app is custom designed and yes even professionals will want to use it for it's high quality that can be incorporated for birthday party shows,etc. 

    This is a $50 value for only $39.95! Your 'inspired' magician will not only learn each individual magic effect but it creates a whole new experience that will give your budding magician that 'self esteem' shot in the arm that will guide them through the entire 'building their own custom magic show' experience

    We are proud to offer this to the public and they are here in where else? FAB Magic and the World's Largest Magic Company!