Koran Newspaper Prediction - Ken DeCourcy

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The Koran Newspaper Prediction,10 8.5 x 11 inch stapled pages. Very good condition. Undated. Complete with cheat aid. Printed and published by The Supreme Magic Company, Devon, England. THE KORAN NEWSPAPER PREDICTION A SUPREME EXCLUSIVE! This is the correct routine and method used by AL KORAN in his professional Cabaret appearances! Based on a trick by Edmund Roland and developed by Al Koran in conjunction with Ken de Courcy, it is an exclusive secret that's going to help to earn you money and can enhance your reputation considerably. The effect is that the mentalist shows a sealed envelope and a pen or pencil. He asks a spectator to name any number between 1 and 16. This number he clearly marks on the envelope which he gives to the spectator. He shows a double sheet of tabloid size newspaper and tears this into 16 pieces. Straight away, without any shuffling around or moving around of the pieces, the resultant packet of pieces is handed to another spectator who is asked to count down and remove the piece lying at the number selected by the first man. The spectator holding the envelope opens this up. Inside he finds a sheet of paper listing the headlines and brief details of both side of this piece of newspaper! He reads them out and the man holding the slip of newspaper agreed that they are 100% correct. We supply you with the routine in printed illustrated form with photographs of Al Koran. You are carefully taught the routine by Ken de Courcy and given an alternative climax. In addition to this, we supply you with a special 'something' that makes the trick easy for you. It's one of those items that is hard to believe. The secret is extremely subtle. You have nothing to remember when you perform this effect. You are thus able to concentrate entirely on the presentation of what your audiences must consider to be a most unusual mystery 'Koran Newspaper Prediction' by Ken de Courcy; in printed booklet comes complete with the special gimmick. Do not expect a lot of apparatus -none is necessary. This is TOP FLIGHT professional effect.