• Lighthead, FAB - Watch Video

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    Magician assembles a gorgeous painted/cloth covered box around a volunteer's head in full view of the audience. Next 10 lighted swords are thrust through the box! When the front doors are open the 'swords' can be seen but the head of the volunteer has disappeared! Front doors are closed and 'swords' removed - doors re-opened and there is the volunteer's head back in full view!

    Important points: We consider this to be quite an improvement over the old style. The entire unit packs flat! No cloth hinges! Every piece is designed so that you can easily construct the apparatus around the head of the volunteer one piece at a time or you can have the box sitting on your table ready to use and just a matter of placing over their head! The box is larger than previous models which gives more depth and is deceptive to the nth degree! Each of the 10 'swords' are beautifully lit in different colors that is visual and showy - the box is enameled black with gold fleck and the sides are covered with a stunning exotic fabric.

    This unit also comes with a handy carrying bag so you can easily transport and is ready to go for each and every show.

    Comes complete with box,10 battery operated swords and complete instructions along with handy carrying bag for one unbelievable price - batteries not included and everything ready to work!

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