This is the second volume of the Teach-In series. It spotlights a magical classic and gives an in-depth view of the popular effect-Linking Rings. This program continues in the same vein focusing on the classics.

You'll find different variations: three-ring, five-ring and eight-ring routines-all performed at the hands of the masters. See two different routines with the three rings-one by FISM award-winner Richard Ross and the other by the graceful, eloquent stage magician Max Hapner. Jay Marshall shares his traditional quips, one-liners and comedy in his five-ring routine while Samuel Patrick Smith showcases the eight-ring routine in a setting that involves children but pleases adults as well.

We've included vintage material from the original Greater Magic Video Library: Ross performance, in addition to new recordings from Hapner, Marshall and Smith to complete this unparalleled teaching instruction on one of the hallmarks of magic. Routines performed by Richard Ross, Max Hapner, Jay Marshall, and Samuel Patrick Smith.