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This year, 2016, is a very special year for FAB Magic Mfg. It's our 13th Anniversary! Not only are we celebrating it during our Colon Magic Fest but all year around. And now we are announcing Catalog #2 - for our 13th Birthday - we call it 'Lucky 13 Catalog' - Percy Abbott's favorite catalog was #13 and we are following suit in honor of his 130th birthday!

This wire bound catalog  - 8.5" x 11" is chocked full of photos and stories and interesting facts about FAB and Colon! Some photos never before seen! And of course it's full of great FAB Products  - all proudly made here in the magic capital of the world - Colon, Michigan. Inside these 200 pages are coupons well worth 3 times the amount of the catalog! Yep, you will get your money back from the catalog in one order!

Delivery date is March 30th, 2016.