• IMPROVED ! Wizard's Apprentice, FAB - JUST 'PLUMB' FUNNY


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    The performer brings a child up from the audience to be his 'helper'. The child is outfitted with a colorful hat. Of course, a magician's helper gets to 'help' perform the magic. The child does his best to do a trick, but fails. No wonder, he didn't have his magic wand! The magician reaches into his helper's hat and pulls out a magic wand! ! The child tries waving the wand, but still no magic. Well, perhaps a second wand would help. The performer removes  a 2nd wand from the hat from the child's head  but this one is PINK! - still nothing --- wait perhaps 3rd wand is a charm as the audience sees a 3rd wand sticking up from the hat - magician tries to remove but it wont budge  - so performer removes hat and the  audience is now rolling with laughter! Why? It seems there was something left behind on the child's head...a rubber plunger that's sticking straight up ! Its funny and easy to do!

     Comes complete with wands, plunger, wizard hat and complete routine/instructions