• Mesmerizing Rabbit , FAB - WATCH VIDEO!


    Yes....over 7 months in planning! Finally a one character Hippity Hop Rabbit Routine that is easy to transport and packs a punch of fun and humor!

    Performer displays a white rabbit upright and covers with a colorful cloth bag. Magician explains that the design on the covers is a special hypnotic design and if you look at it long enough the rabbit will change its color to black. Magician casually(?) turns the rabbit around and lifts the cloth cover showing the rabbit has changed to black! This is repeated several times until audience 'catches on' and realizes the performer is just turning the rabbit around. Finally the magician 'gives in' and pulls off the cover displaying a red rabbit. See you embarrassed him! He's all RED ! Once again the audience thinks you are pulling a fast one and finally the upright is turned around and they see THE END IN BIG COLORFUL LETTERS! 

    Upright can be shown both sides now. It's pretty much self contained and EZ To Do! You will use it immediately!

    Character stands 11" tall x 4" wide and is laminated for many years of use! Another FABulous product!